A Fundraiser For Schools Can Bring Big Money

Joining a fundraiser for schools is probably one of the most exciting events to be involved with as a student. Especially when you’re part of the brainstorming golf fundraiser ideas stage of the fundraising event, drawing out the plan for the school fundraiser will definitely ignite students’ creativity and excitement. The planning stage does play a very important part in getting school fundraiser organizers get motivated in getting the task done.

Fundraisers for schools come in different forms. There’s the classic cookie dough fundraiser (a tried-and-tested school fundraiser), the year-round hit candy bar fundraiser, and the fundraising auction. While all these are great ideas, it also helps to try out new ones.

Below are some of the newer fundraisers for schools that you can try:

Online Fundraising. It is considered faster, more convenient and reaches a wider audience with just a few clicks of a mouse. Since it doesn’t involve door-to-door sales, online fundraising for schools quickly and easily reaches a wider audience locally and internationally. Most important of all, profits can reach up to 40% since there is minimal start up cost.

T-Shirt Fundraisers. T-shirt fundraisers are probably one of the most profitable and attractive school fundraiser around. Since sellers and organizers can be creative with the mechanics of this kind of fundraiser, they can play with colors, come up with different designs, customize as much as they want. Another good thing about it is it can also be turned into an online fundraising event. By simply taking photos of the different shirt designs school fundraiser organizers can reach a wider audience and be able to get more support and collect more profit.

Popcorn Fundraiser. Get as much as 45% profit on popcorn fundraisers. The concept for this fundraiser is pretty simple. Just like candy, who doesn’t like popcorn? For every household there’s always a majority that loves popcorn. Who wouldn’t love popcorn? It comes in a variety of flavors – the classic and great tasting butter popcorn, the low-fat butter flavor, the old-time favorite natural flavor the sweet and salty kettle corn, and there’s even cheese flavor!

Popcorn alone is a sure hit but if you want to make waves when you make this as your fundraising idea you can add more pizzazz by coming up with different designs of popcorn tubs or popcorn bags. Create a logo of your school, or a picture of your soccer team, or a logo of your sports league. The number of design ideas you can come up with are endless!